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Treat someone to a fabulous stay in our Cosy Hillside Retreat.
Simply choose your amount and write a personalised message to make this gift your own. *

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Hillside retreat. Scottish Borders

* Gift Voucher Terms & Conditions

1. Gift Vouchers are valid for 24 months from issue date. The booking must be made within this time, but the stay can fall outside of it.

2. If the total value of your stay is greater than the Gift Voucher, the excess is the responsibility of the Gift Voucher holder.

3. If the total value of stay is less than the Gift Voucher, there will be no cash refund, but the difference will be reissued to you as a separate Gift Voucher.

4. Gift Vouchers will be deducted from the total value of the stay at point of booking.

5. Costs associated with travel to and from the chosen place are the responsibilities of the Gift Voucher holder.

6. Gift Vouchers may only be redeemed once, cannot be exchanged for cash, are non-transferable, and non-refundable.

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