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Local Heroes

Updated: Dec 16, 2022

As you know Tiny Home Borders is incredibly popular for celebrating birthdays, anniversaries, honeymoons, wedding gifts or for those just looking to escape in style. And we work hard to make sure that you have everything that you need to make your stay as special as possible.

Our guests love all of the luxurious finishing touches and careful attention to detail, your hillside retreat might be off grid, but we are proud to showcase the best of the Borders throughout!

Our succulent meat which is reared on the farm along with our fantastic locally sourced breakfast boxes, provide a very special taste of the Borders. But we are also proud to have handpicked some true Local Heroes for you too, all of which can be pre-ordered and ready for you on arrival or supplied at just the right time!

Let us introduce some of our Local Heroes to you…………….

Cocoa Ecosse, Kelso

Artisan chocolates with a French touch and a Scottish twist, lovingly made by hand

by French Chocolatier, Olivier Nicod.

French Master Chocolatier and former pastry chef, Olivier Nicod met his wife, Vicky Rogerson - also a chef - whilst they worked in a kitchen in France. The chocolate they make at their home in the beautiful Scottish Borders has a creative French touch.

Wherever possible, ingredients are locally sourced and uniquely developed. Soft centres include single malt Scottish whisky ganache, Scottish raspberries, and homemade salted caramel and cinder toffee.

Their love of chocolate and its complex versatility, combined with certain technical skills acquired over the years, has culminated in this artisan business.

Whilst their workshop is not open to the public, they are happy to discuss their techniques with visitors to their stall at the various Scottish Borders' Farmers' Markets.

Lilliard Gin, Lanton Mill, Jedburgh

The Lilliard Ginnery was inspired by Borders legend and local heroine Lilliard.

Maiden Lilliard was a 16th Century Scottish Heroine, who lived and died in the Scottish Borders. The legend goes at the Battle of Ancrum Moor in 1545, Lilliard watched her lover struck down in battle. She darted into battle, grabbing a sword and slaying the enemy soldiers until they managed to finally overpower her and until she was at last slain. You can see the tomb of Maiden Lilliard at Lilliard’s Edge, part of the St Cuthbert’s Way walk.

It’s from this legend that The Lilliard Ginnery was created in 2017. A micro-distillery tucked next to the River Teviot in the Teviot Valley where the terroir is filled with fresh water springs, wild fauna and green rolling countryside – just as it was in the days of Maiden Lilliard.

Lilliard Gin is distilled in one of the smallest working stills in the UK, named ‘Donald’ after a local Scottish Borders’ ambassador famous for his copper locks. Nothing at all to do with the other Donald! This traditional copper still creates a light, elegant gin with a complex floral palette.

The team distil their gin in small batches in this beautiful copper still, and their botanicals have been carefully selected to represent the lush abundance of the rolling Scottish Borders countryside and use local spring water as part of the distilling process. Rowan, rosehip, meadowsweet and elderflower combine with juniper to create an elegant, floral gin that embodies the four fragrant seasons of our Border valleys which surround the distillery.

Harper’s Cakes, Hawick

Gorgeous handmade cakes made locally by Harper’s Cakes in Hawick.

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion, Ellie creates bespoke celebration cakes that are truly special.

These one-off creations are handmade to order and delivered to Tiny Home at just the right time!

Savour the Flavour

We are delighted to now get our bread and preserves from Savour the Flavour in Bedrule.

Local producers of high-quality organic artisan breads, cakes and preserves in the Scottish Borders. Freshly baked by Gill Evans.

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