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Glen Walk to Ruberslaw

Updated: 5 days ago

With so many of you enjoying a walk or two while you are here, we are delighted to bring you another of our special waymarked routes which take you from Tiny Home door to Tiny Home door.

This time, we introduce our lovely Glen Walk to Ruberslaw, simply follow the BROWN waymarkers from Tiny Home. Here are our directions and photographs of key points to look out for on the route.



Distance: 8 km

Time: 2 to 3 hours

Level: Moderate to hard

Follow the BROWN Waymarkers……..


Welcome to our Glen Walk to Ruberslaw, please be aware that part of this walk does involve crossing a small burn (stream) several times. This means you are advised to wear walking boots or waterproof footwear; the burn is not deep but you will get wet feet if you wear trainers!

*Also, you will need your welcome text message for the padlock code and you will need it towards the end of the walk too.

Leave Tiny Home going down the hill to the road. At the road you can either follow the yellow signs for the Farm Walk and keep following the road or you can follow the red signs for the Riverside Walk.

For each walk keep an eye out for the first of the BROWN signs that will take you onto this route.

Walk past Hallrule Farm on the left, white cottages on the right, carry on along the road and over the bridge.

About 100 metres up the road turn right and follow the ‘dug out’ earth track till you meet a wooden gate. Go through the gate and down the hill into a small Glen (narrow valley).

Continue down the hill and cross over the burn. There are a couple of BROWN posts to help guide you here. Once over the burn bear diagonally left to a clearing between the bushes.


This Glen has nature in abundance, otters have been spotted on the burn as well as the foxes, badgers and huge assortment of birds that also live in this area.

In May, you will be able to see the Hawthorn bushes out in full bloom, beautiful white and pink clusters of flowers hang on to the bushes so thick, it is as though snow has covered the bush. Broom is also flowering at the same time giving huge splashes of vibrant yellow throughout.


Wild Primroses can also be seen in this area, flowering in late May.

Keep an eye out as you cross the burn for Otter spraints (poo).

Keep following through the bottom of the glen, crossing the burn several times till you reach a fence. Cross the fence and bear slightly left and cross the burn again and continue forward into a more open area of habitat.

Along here you will join a track where you will turn right, cross the bridge and follow the track up the hill. 


When you reach a junction of gates continue up the track that goes up the hill.

Throughout this walk listen out for the shrill cat like ‘Kee-aaah’ call of the buzzard as it soars overhead. You should have numerous chances to spot one on this walk, both in the glen and out in the open fields as well as sitting on branches and fence posts.


At the top of the hill go through the gate and continue forward up the hill following the young hedge.  Now at least you can see towards your destination. But the summit is still hiding!

Continue forward into the next field following the hedge and the BROWN way markers you can see. If there are cattle in any of these fields feel free to cross over to the other side. All of this is farmed by ourselves.

When you reach the dyke (stone wall) turn right, past the way marker and carry on up the hill for 2 fields.

When you reach the small wicket gate go through and turn left up to the broadband masts.

Pass the masts and follow the dyke up the hill, during the summer months, savour the smell of the Wild Thyme as you go. And in late summer and early autumn, the hillside will be covered in delicious bilberries which grow wild on low small bushes.

You will reach a stile over the dyke. At last, you can now see the summit.

To the south-east of the style looking south is where David and Claire got married, overlooking their farm in the month February! Few weddings can match this for a view!

Take a breather and enjoy the views, these are just a flavour of what is to come when you reach the summit.

Up here, you can watch and listen for the resident Ravens (same as The Tower of London birds) that we have here. They make a deep croak sound repeatedly.

Cross over the stile and follow the sheep track to the right. Keep following the track downhill a little before it starts to rise up for the final climb.

Believe me, it will be worth it when you see the view from the top of Ruberslaw!

Once you have admired the incredible views from the top of Ruberslaw, look for the 2 ponds directly below you to the East, that is Tiny Home.

Make your descent by going down the hill, in the direction of Tiny Home, until you find a small wicket gate. Go through the gate and bear left following the sheep tracks down past an ancient Scotch Pine tree to the deer gate*. *Remember the code is in your phone.

Go through the deer gate and bear half right towards some more deer fencing at the top of a gully.

Follow the fencing round the top of the gully and go down the far side of it.

You can now follow the hill down until you get back to Tiny Home.

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